3M Masks – Leading Standards Globally

What is the main one thing that you don’t forgot to wear when stepping out in this present Corona Pandemic time? Yes, most will answer the mask is one thing that they cannot forget when going out for any reason, to keep themselves away from the danger of contracting the viral infection.

And when you are out of your home, you would want only the best of the care and support that you can get wearing the mask. When it comes to your health, you shouldn’t let your guard down and it is the time when you should be wearing something that can keep you safe and secured best and is always comfortable in wear.

This is where 3M has stepped up, rendering quality 3M 95 masks and respirators in different types and variants, suitable to meet your specific needs and requirements.

3M Masks
While there are many masks that you can find online or on offline market, some stood out just based on the name and the quality in use they offer. This is where the 3M brand checks all the points good. 3M, understanding the need of the people concerning contagious and harmful objects that can prove dangerous for them, has brought forward a comprehensive repository of products that fits the bills on all accounts.

Creating a benchmark in the N95 masks, the company brings forward a whole assortment of 3M masks in multiple types and versions. The 3M 95 Masks provide 95% particulate filtering efficiency to block out harmful particles that include viral, bacterial contaminants, water droplets carrying germs, and small particles. Whether you are working in a construction site, or in an office, or going pout to a super market, or a public place, 3M disposable masks have been working efficiently for all, leading to a new normal for people in the present COVID-19 times, and helping them prevent further damage as well as for reducing the contamination of the virus spread.

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NIOSH Approved Made-in-USA 3M N95 Masks
Breathing air is essential to your life. And when you come to know that you can breathe in viruses, bacteria and other pollutants through the air, you have to be very secure at your place so as not to breathe in germ-carrying particles. So, how are you going to do that? By buying a quality N95 mask

3M Face Masks are the leading standards in the category, and these are highly effective. Our collection of 3M N95 masks are Made-in-USA and NIOSH approved, meaning they meet the regulatory guidelines for functional usage set forward by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH ) federal agency.

As the world is re-opening up now, and you are going out for your work and other commitments, 3M s meeting your safety and security needs by providing you with the consequent supporting gear that you need right now.

3M N95 respirator is the foremost name for respiratory protection in the workplace. 3M and we are working out all day and night to bring out the products that are getting better each time. This is what 3M is committed to bring forward for every American as well as global citizen.

Cufy 3M Masks Made in USA – Finest of 3M Masks Collection
Cufy is delighted to announce that it is bringing out a comprehensive collection of quality and affordable 3M masks, including different types and variations. As we are dedicated to bring the best in care and support for fellow Americans, we source and supply only the US made 3M N95 masks, developed integrating the finest in the manufacturing process to churn out a product that is on par with the global standards.
All the 3M disposable masks are high-end quality, carefully selected from the team at Cufy, and delivered safe and fast from the California based shipping center. Whether you are looking to buy in bulk or individually, Cufy provides you with thorough supply of 3M masks.

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3M Masks – What it Does?
3M masks are worn to reliable respiratory protection against certain non-oil particles, solid particles and liquid aerosol with 95% particulate filtering efficiency. These masks are N95 approved, certified from NIOSH and approved by CDC. The CDC recommends using such N95 masks to halt the spread of COVID-19 virus, as well as other viral and bacterial contamination, and to reducing infection chances from further small to large particles that include liquid splashes, earthy objects, smoke, dust, dirt, airborne particles and other germ-carrying particles.

The 3M masks come with added protection to reduce infection from airborne viruses like swine flu, bird flu, and SARS.

What Makes 3M N95 Masks Stand Out?
3M masks are government certified to filter out 95% harmful particulates.
These are proven for giving you a comfortable long-term wear product, which renders space for easy breathing and has edges that don’t get pushed against the cheeks.

  • Lightweight in wear
  • Soft foam that cushions the nose
  • Built using the proprietary 3M technologies that make the products one of the best in their specific category
  • Suitable for long time wear when considering wearing in hot and dusty work settings
  • High end respirator function that helps protect against certain non-oil based particles
  • Protects against small particles that are borne out of sawing, sweeping, bagging, sanding, grinding, or any other such operation
  • Helps protect against the infection from specific airborne biological particles like mold, and much more
  • The ease of breathing is possible because of the use of advanced and high-end electrostatically charged microfiber media technology
  • 3M masks are compatible to be worn with a wide range of different PPE products including face shields, goggles and much more.
  • Cushion now form, adjustable nose clip, and two-strap design makes it all the more flexible and easy for the wearer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the 3M Masks Made in USA?
Yes, our complete supply of 3M masks is made in USA. All the products are crafted as per the international standards, in accordance with the NIOSH certification guidelines and policies laid out by the CDC. All the masks are developed using finest grade materials, in a state of the art manufacturing process.

Cufy sources and supply only the made-in-USA masks from 3M, to deliver the best it can for each and every American shopper.

How Effective is 3M Masks Against Viral Infection?
Yes, with NIOSH approval, the 3M masks is suitable to reduce the exposure to certain airborne particles, as well as small particles, with 95% particle filtration efficiency.

How You Should Wear the 3M N95 Respirator Correctly?

  • Before placing the face mask on your face, just pre-stretch the straps.
  • Position the respirator over your face.
  • Pull the upper strap over your head, placing it over the ears and at the back of your head
  • Pull the bottom strap over your head and place it on the back of the head, below the ears
  • Seal it more efficiently over the face by moving the fingertips from both hands down both sides of nose-piece.

Can You Buy Different Types of 3M Masks?
Yes, you can buy different types of 3M N95 masks from the online store at Cufy. The store has a large collection of 3M masks in multiple variants, all designed to fit your specific wear needs, as well as can be bought in wholesale. So whether you want 3M 95 masks for you, your family members, or for the entire staff at your business premise, 3M renders that for you easily and efficiently, all the time.

What is the Usage Time for the 3M Masks?
As per international standards and to maintain proper and optimum usage efficiency for the users, the 3M masks should be worn for 8 hours at a stretch and disposed of immediately. However, the individual re-usage depends on each one’s specific use and contamination risk to the mask.

If you have worn it for a few minutes only and it seems fine to be worn again, then you should make sure that you wash the 3M mask instantly after the usage in warm water, air-dry it and then have it cleaned before 2nd usage.

If the mask is feeling moist from the inner line, or if it has been contaminated from the outside then you should instantly discard the mask right away.

What Precautions to Take When Wearing 3M Masks?
The different precautions you should be taking when wearing 3M masks are listed below:

  • You should ensure to wear a mask whenever stepping out of your home.
  • Always ensure that you wear a mask and keep safe distance of at least 6 feet from the other persons when outside.
  • Wear the mask after cleaning your hands.
  • Do not touch the mask from the front side at all, before wearing that, during when you are wearing that, or even after you take off the mask.
  • The mask is disposable, so you should discard that after wearing for 8 hours at stretch, or instantly after you start witnessing moist inside the inner of the mask, or when there is contamination to the mask.
  • Check that the respirator is not damaged when you open the pack, along with checking the expiry date.
  • Always go through the manufacturer’s guidelines before wearing the mask.

Can Anyone Wear the 3M Mask?
Yes, anyone can wear the 3M mask, when in healthy condition. However, there are situations and considerations that must be checked:

  • If the wearer is suffering from any breathing related ailment like asthma, emphysema or else.
  • If someone is pregnant
  • If there are some health discomfort that have developed after wearing the mask

Can Children Wear 3M N95 Masks?
Usual 3M N95 masks are designed as per keeping in mind the adult usage. For children, you can look for specific children face masks, which are present on the Cufy store.

When Should the Wearer Avoid Using a 3M Mask?
This can be done when the oxygen level is about below 19.5% in the atmosphere.

How the 3M Masks Must be Stored?
3M masks must be stored in a cool and dry place which should be pretty clean.

How the 3M Masks Must be Disposed After Their Usage?
The 3M Masks are pretty durable and usually fulfils their recommended usage. However your use for the 3M masks depends on your specific needs and conditions. Thereafter when you disposing the 3M masks, you should do that in a safe way.

Take them out, do not contact the mask directly, put them in a plastic bag and wrap-up and throw in a covered trash container.

When You Should Change Your 3M Mask or Respirator?
You should change your respirator or mask as mentioned or instructed by the manufacturer. However, it should be safely done after 1 usage, or after you have used it for 8 hours, or after the mask has been contaminated.

Where to Buy 3M Masks?
Cufy, as a reliable partner of 3M, sources hand-selected masks from the manufacturer directly and provides that to you in wholesale or in bulk. Whether you need to buy individually, or in bulk, at Cufy you will find multiple types of N95 disposable masks for sale.

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How 3M Particulate Respirator 8210 Differs From the 3M 8210 Plus N95 Respirator

In the present times, face masks have become a highly effective and must-have protective gear to keep oneself safe from viral infection risks in the Coronavirus pandemic.

While there are different types of face masks available, N95 face masks are the standard bearers, in way that these are multi-layered designed and provides 95% particulate filtering efficiency.

3M N95 Particulate Respirators

While there are different brands that would pop-up when you are looking to buy N95 face masks, 3M is the leading one and the pioneer in the technology. The company provides a wide range of N95 face masks or respirators, sold globally, and through multiple online seller partners.

Difference Between 3M™ Particulate Respirator 8210 and 3M™ Particulate Respirator 8210 Plus

When searching for 3M N95 face masks or respirators you may have come across different versions to that, most notably 3M Particulate Respirator 8210 and 3M Particulate Respirator 8210 Plus. While you might find them same by looking at, there is a lot of similarity as well as difference between these two in specifications.


  • Both are NIOSH approved for 95% particle filtering efficiency against some non-oil based particles.
  • Both come with a 2-strap design, with a dual point attachment that is staple-free for ensuring a secured seal.
  • Lightweight built that promotes comfort in wearing, for a longer duration.
  • Both come in Cup respirator style.


3M Particulate Respirator 8210

3M Particulate Respirator 8210 Plus

Features advanced electrostatic media for ease of breathing

Features advanced electret media for ease of breathing, braided comfort strap, nosefoam, welded headband

Respirator size is small

Respirator size is standard

N95 standard

Unvalved N95

Has no P-series filter

Suitable for hazard type mold and silica

Suitable for market type – Aerospace, Defense, Homeland Security

Suitable for market type - Defense, Homeland Security

Recommended Application - Airborne Biological Particles, Assembly and Mechanical, Bagging, Cleaning, Dry Chemical Handling, Foundry Operations, Grinding, Lead Abatement, Final Finish, Paint Preparation, Welding Petrochemical Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Sanding, Composite Finishing

Recommended Application - Airborne Biological Particles


General purpose respirator for dust and other particles


While these difference are very deep context wise, going through them will help ascertain what fits your need best in your specific industry type, for the purpose you are looking to buy the mask and determining that the end product are getting is the one most suitable and specific for your usage needs.

Are there More N95 Respirators from 3M?

Yes, apart from these two face masks, you can find many more N95 face masks or respirator versions from 3M, all designed according to the 3M’s world-class proprietary technology, in order to meet the specific needs of the users.

Where You Can Shop for 3M Face Masks / Respirators?

When you are searching for 3M face masks, you are looking for quality and therefore it is recommended that you buy a 3M respirator that is provided by an authorized selling partner so as to get premium grade 3M N95 respirators that fits your needs specifically.

At Cufy, you will get to explore a comprehensive range of N95 face masks respirators, sourced directly from the manufacturer.